On the banks of Crișul Repede River, located in the North Western corner of Romania, our next interviewee resides. Where is that exactly? Why, none other than Oradea, RO.

She goes by the name of Agves and as you will see, is quite a fascinating woman. Read below for the interview:

Model, MUA : Agves
Photo by : Cristina

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and how you came about choosing it?
Agves: My name is Agves. I chose it because it is my nickname since a long time ago.

Luny: Who are some of the same like minded people within your alternative modeling scene that you look up to or hold to a higher regard and why?
Agves: Starfucked, Makani Terror I like them because they are beautiful… and tattooed 😀

Model, MUA, edited by : Agves
Photo by : Cristina - the best Gothic dating site! - the best Gothic dating site!

Luny: Who have been some of the companies or models you have gotten to do a collaboration with?
Agves: I have a collaboration with Vodoudolls.

Luny: What type of person would we see when you aren’t playing with fire or being a model?
Agves: I am a sensitive person, I love art, I write poems when I`m sad (mostly), I love my boyfriend, my mother and my cat ❤, I am a psychiatrist, I love to drive and to travel, I love tattoos, I have a very few friends and I love them, too.

Model, MUA, photo by : Agves

Luny: If you could choose to do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
Agves: I don`t know. Maybe I should be more sociable.

Luny: Can you describe for us one of the happiest moments in your life and why?
Agves: Traveling with my boyfriend, just the two of us, in places we had never been before, listening to music loud and dreaming.

Model, MUA, Photo : Agves
Assistant : Cristina
Clothing : Lexxa GothShop

Luny: Describe for us one of the most terrifying moments in your life.
Agves: Uhmm.. when I feel lonely and away from the people I love the most.

Model, MUA : Agves
Clothing : Lexxa GothShop

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say hi to or any websites you’d like to mention we visit?
Agves: Please visit my pages:
Official site:

Kisses for the people who follows me and who share my stuff. 😀

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