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My weekend started off normally and like any other weekend usually goes for myself. Taking care of my kids, catching up on movies I missed, helping the wife clean, etc.

I wasn’t expecting to discover this very talented young woman. She has worked with such brands as Kenzo, Lavin, Azzaro Haute Couture, and Roger Vivier. She owns her own design label and allowed us a little bit of her time to discuss a few things regarding her fashion designing, life, and history. Her name is Alice Red and the name of her design label is Red In Paris. Here’s our interview:

Photographer: Samer Sider

Luny: Can you please tell everyone the name of your design label and what type of fashion designer you consider yourself?

Alice Red: The name of my design label is Red In Paris.
I created the brand a few years ago but then decided to finish my studies before commercializing anything.

I am a fashion designer specialized in Haute Couture and leather but I create accessories and design shoes as well as clothes.

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Luny: What sort of materials do you work with daily and what sort of things do you create?

Alice Red: I especially love working with leather, python to be more precise.
It’s quite a tricky material but you can make beautiful designs out of it.

These days I really enjoy working with muslin and light jerseys because of the way they float around the body when you make any movement, creating an enchanting sublimation of the silhouette.

I am really inspired by the BDSM codes and I really enjoy creating harnesses or corsets as well.

Model: Cervena Fox
Photographer: Samer Sider

Luny: Can you give us a little history on your educational background and degree’s you’ve earned for fashion designing?

Alice Red: Well I grew up in Switzerland where I graduated (specializing in science).
Then I took a year off and I worked for a few different places, from bartender to organizing luxury cocktails for a fashion brand in private salons.

Afterwards I studied fashion design and creation for 3 years at ESMOD in Paris.
After my degree I did a Bachelor in marketing in 5 months instead of 3 years (pretty intense) and I recently graduated from an MBA in International Marketing and Luxury brand Management.

Photographer: Sylvie Aflalo

Luny: Where are some places your work has been displayed and who have you collaborated with?

Alice Red: I had the chance to work with prestigious fashion brands such as Kenzo, Lanvin, Azzaro Haute Couture and most recently Roger Vivier.

I got to see my work directly on the screens and in some magazines during the Paris Fashion Week and the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. When I was still working for Loris Azzaro Haute Couture I worked on some embroideries on a few pieces that appeared on the movie about Dalida. While I was working for Roger Vivier, not only did I see my work during the fashion show but I was lucky enough to collaborate on a project for Vogue Thailand.

For my Couture collection called “Extra Corpo-réel” I collaborated with a french artist called Pat Boun. He was kind enough to lend me some of his beautiful artwork to create the atmosphere for the photo-shoot of the collection.

For Red In Paris i worked with the beautiful alternative model and performer, Cervena Fox. The photo-shoot was made a few years ago and will (finally) be revealed when the website opens!

Luny: When taking into consideration of a new item to design, what do you think about?

Alice Red: Oh this is a tricky question ! 😉

It really depends on the inspiration of the moment but I believe that quality is one of the most important factors you have to take into account when designing a new item.
Comfort and ergonomics are also very important, I try to see myself as a customer and anticipate their expectations. The piece has to be beautiful…of course! But if it itches or it’s not practical it will end up dying in a closet.

Photographer: Samuel Python

Luny: What are you working on for 2018? Can you give us a hint?

Alice Red: Oh well a magician never reveals it’s secrets! haha

No I can only tell you that some new Tshirts will be available (very) soon ;).
I have a new “dark couture” project that should see daylight by the middle or end of 2018.
And I am working on a new ethical collection where all the benefits will be donated to an association currently helping underprivileged children in Africa.

Luny: Who are some fellow designers that inspire you or motivate you daily and why?

Alice Red: I have to say that most of my favorite designers recently passed away such as Alexander McQueen and Azzedine Alaïa.
The thing I enjoyed the most about McQueen was his ability to bring “dark fashion” to the ultimate elegance.

Alaïa (who just passed away yesterday, may he rest in peace) had this incredible independance. He created his gorgeous pieces whenever he wanted without giving anything up to the standards of fashion and its calendar. He created according to his taste and his inspiration and was one of the only designers in the world actually free.

I am also completely in love with the work of Iris Van Herpen. She has an incredible universe; she allies science and fashion in a very uncommon way.

And, of course, Vivienne Westwood who was one of the creators of the punk fashion movement and was inspired by bdsm and traditional Scottish designs. Then Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh and many more…

Luny: In what ways have you seen yourself growing as designer from when you first started to now?

Alice Red: I was drawing all the time when I was a little girl, and I sometimes had fun drawing dresses and all but I never thought I would end up a fashion designer. It was a dream I kind of left aside for years.
When I took my year off I was supposed to start medicine the year after and I really took some time to think, I thought “well If I don’t try this now I’ll never do”.
So I applied to ESMOD and after my first year I completely fell in love with my profession and passion.

Luny: What type of design or fad do you think may be making a big comeback in 2018 and why?

Alice Red: There are always opposite trends making their comebacks at the same time.
Fashion is a way to express what a society is living on a daily basis.

2017 was about crazy colors and new standards of fashion so I think 2018 will bring out some more classic pieces like the trench coat or the tuxedo, and in the meantime ethnic fashion and very fluid masculine pieces will make their comeback accompanying the emancipation of women.

Photographer: Sylvie Aflalo

Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to say thanks to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Alice Red: Other than family and friends (of course) I would really love to thank my followers on Instagram because they keep my energy going everyday with their great messages and encouragements.

In only a few months they built a beautiful community and I really enjoy exchanging with them during lives or through comments and DM’s.

For the website well I invite you guys to check out red_in_paris and darkredinparis on Instagram but stay tuned because the website will be online soon with some pretty cool surprises and designs 😉

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