Chloë Noir

Ahhhhh Slovakia, home to many beautiful old castles, majestic scenery, and our next model. Or Model/Photographer/Jewelry Designer. She is multi talented. Although she is somewhat new to the world of modeling, her portfolio looks quite nice as does her jewelry. Everyone, please give a big warm welcome to Chloë Noir.

Chloë Noir

Luny: Please tell everyone your name and where you are from.

Chloë Noir: My name´s Diana, but on the internet I go mostly as Chloë Noir, and I come from a small slavic country – Slovakia.

Luny: How long have you been modeling for and what made you choose it?

Chloë Noir: I got interested in showing my face on the internet around nine years ago, starting with self-portraits and getting friends to take my photos. I had my first normal shoot in 2010 and from then on I slowly began to meet more photographers in my area.

attitude clothing

I´m actually not sure what made me choose this path, because I was rather shy, and never liked being on school photos or so. But I loved playing in Photoshop and making photo manipulations, so after I couldn´t always find the stock photos I needed for the pictures I had in my mind, I started doing full-body photos in front of white wall with self timer and then making composites. Somehow I started to enjoy taking photos, editing them and well, my self confidence grew a little bit with this, and with the positive response from the people who saw my photos and edits.

Luny: I see that you model on althemy. Have you considered opening your own website and patreon site as well?

Chloë Noir: I have an old (but still active) blog in my mother language. I had few in english, but that sadly didn´t work out that great. Tried some free portfolio pages as well. All are just collecting internet dust. 😀

I actually was thinking about starting a website, but I´m still thinking about how it should look, work and what sort of stuff will I post.

And about patreon…It could be nice, because my full time job isn´t paid very well and I would love to be able to afford traveling to other countries for shoots or meets, getting nicer outfits, and saving up for better photography gear as well. But I´m still little bit shy about this, as it seems to me as quite a big step.

Chloe Noir2

Luny: What are some things you think about when choosing a certain outfit and deciding where to do a photo shoot?

Chloë Noir: The first is definitely the theme and the vibe I want to go for. I do prepare some outfits beforehand, going through my closet sometimes for hours, dressing up and stripping down my poor mannequin, thinking about interesting combinations and at the same time thinking about the places that could go with it, and the overall feel. And sometimes, when it´s a quick unplanned shoot, I just put quickly something together and we think about it on the go.
I try to choose the places to match the outfit, but sometimes a big contrast, clash of outfits and places can look great.

Luny: Do you work internationally, and if so where and with whom all have you worked?

Chloë Noir: I mostly only shoot with local photographers, but I would love to travel one day…and I definitely have a list of amazingly talented people, I would love to work with on shoots. But I did a collab with a talented jewellery maker Susanne from SBDesigns Creations, which was really great. 🙂

Luny: What would be a few things someone may not know about you, just by looking at you?

Chloë Noir: I´m quite an introvert and loner, mostly just sitting at home in front of the computer, editing photos, making some jewellery or just watching movies or videos. I don´t go out that often aside from work or photo shoots. I don´t even like to go to parties, because I don´t drink and I mostly get left out.

And I absolutely love anime, lolita style and lots of kawaii things. 😀

Chloe Noir3

Luny: Who are some of your favorite clothing and makeup designers and why?

Chloë Noir: When it comes to brands I love Restyle, as I have lots and lots of pieces from T-shirts to jewellery and accessories. They look great, quality is also nice and it´s affordable. PunkRave stuff is amazing as well, I own few dresses and accessories, but they can be on the pricier side. From smaller businesses and individual designers I have some very nice pieces from Hysteria Machine, MyWitchery, Ddeluxsus, SBDesigns, which are all great and very well made and I would love to get more from then in the future, as well as from many other talented people.

There are just to many to list, and everyone makes something different, and has their own style, so it´s hard to choose just someone. 🙂 I´m not very picky when it comes to make-up, so I mostly use what I can get at a drugstore. I´m quite a beginner when it comes to make-up, so maybe that will change in the future.

Luny: I see that you are also a photographer. What are some of your favorite types of photos to capture and why?

Chloë Noir: Still more just an photography enthusiast, than a proper photographer. 😀 I “grew up” on photographing flowers and insects and other small things in more detailed shots, because I loved how it´s like a world of it´s own. Most people don´t look that close to a bee, or a small flower. Many people don´t even notice it in their daily life. But I like looking for things that not many people notice. A small flower, hidden under leaves, a little bee quietly working in a flower field. This year I bought a new camera, and that opened more opportunities. I got interested in taking photos of dogs, when I saw the work of Mattphoto (Tomáš Dančo, who I live with), as he has shown me quite a different world of animal photography – fine art pet photography.

And probably my main focus (and the main reason for buying new camera) is portraits. There aren´t many photographers in my country interested in darker themes in photography, that´s why I sometimes have problems finding someone to shoot with (or then there is the distance). I would love to go the darker way when it comes to photographing people – gothic, steampunk, fantasy, etc..
I like to take photos of nature how I see it – colorful, calm, pretty, but I would like my portraits to have a little bit of illusion in them, pulling beauty out of the dark.

Chloe Noir4

Luny: You make jewelry as well correct? what are some of your favorite pieces you’ve designed and can we see them?

Chloë Noir: Yes, I do. 🙂

Item 1
I´m really happy about this choker. It was inspired by Harley Quinn, as I wanted to do a Harley inspired shoot. But more like set in a different alternate universe – a romantic Harley. 😀

This set I like because it´s simple, gothic, but also cute. And it´s in my favorite color combination.
This one is combination of things I like – bats and spikes.
And with this I just like how it came out. 🙂

​There are many, many more, I love all of my pieces.

Chloe Noir5

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or a website you’d like to mention?

Chloë Noir: I would love to say thank you to all the amazing people who support me – friends and fans. They are the best! Sometimes it´s only the people who support me, that keeps me going, as I do have some bad moments every now and then, when I struggle and I´m not sure if I should keep doing this.
The photographers deserve a big Thank you, as well, of course, for bearing with me, and helping me make some of my ideas a reality (at least on a photo).

Also I would like to thank the admins from Althemy, as they are very lovely people, who helped me a lot especially at the beginning, and the site is a great place of meeting new creative souls, interested in similar things. And also thank You, for giving me this opportunity, for being on your website. 🙂

And here is some of her photography work.

Chloe Noir Photography
Model: Nana Shin

Chloe Noir Photography

Chloe Noir Photography
Model: Rachellkka
Chloe Noir Photography
Model: Erinya Creations

Chloe Noir Photography
Model: Ravn

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