Ellone Andreea

Today has been quite hectic and busy for me, but as I promised our next guest, you shall be listed here today!

Ellone Andreea is someone whom I could imagine that would be a great tour guide, travel companion or a great friend. Full of life, ambitious, adventurous, and ready to take on the world. This multi talented beauty has accomplished quite alot and spared us a few minutes of her busy life to sit down and do an interview. Enjoy!


Picture 3:
Model/MUA/Styling: Ellone Andreea
Photographer: A. Beldiman
Corset: True Corser

Luny Can you please tell everyone your modeling name and how you came about choosing it?

Ellone Andreea: Ellone Andreea. Ellone is a nickname I’ve been using for years, it’s a
character in a video game called Final Fantasy. She had the unique ability
to alter time and that fascinated me. Andreea is my real name, and I
thought they go well together.

Luny I see you love to travel and create some quite stunning art and photography. Where are some places you have planned to visit for the future and why?

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Ellone Andreea: Thank you! I do love traveling and always looking for stunning
locations for my pictures. The next destination is Greece. I grew up there
and it’s a wonderful country with impressive sceneries; quite different
from Romania.


Picture 5:
Model/MUA/Styling: Ellone Andreea
Photographer: A. Beldiman
Corset: True Corset
Boots: Demonia

Luny I happened to poke around a bit in your blog and noticed you have a section for “Moodboards”? What exactly are they and how did you start creating them?

Ellone Andreea: I’ve always created themes and tales in my mind regarding what I wear
and what a future photoshoot would look like. Moodboards are usually
collages of pictures that fit to what I have imagined and they help me
visualize things a bit clearer and keep track of what comes to mind.
Highly recommended way of working for any visual creator.

Luny When creating youtube videos, where do you find inspiration for new ideas of videos? I notice you have quite a few awesome DIY videos and tutorials.

Ellone Andreea: I sometimes do the typical “trendy” things like what’s in my bag but
usually try and focus more on my lifestyle and how I do things. I was
always a DIY kind of person so it’s fun to shoot while I actually do these
for my own home. I also do many behind the scenes videos from my
photoshoots, travel vlogs and artistic type of conceptual videos.


Picture 1:
Model/MUA/Designer: Ellone Andreea
Photographer: A. Beldiman
Assistant Designer: S. Armeanu

Luny As a child, did you ever expect to become an artist/blogger/youtubber? If not, what did you want to be?

Ellone Andreea: I did not expect to be doing this seriously, actually. It started as a
means of expressing myself in my teen years. I wanted to be a model when I
was really small, then shifted towards fashion design, followed by being a
writer, later on. I can say I do a bit of them all now.

Luny What are some things in life you can not live without? And what are some things you would gladly get rid out?

Ellone Andreea: I could not live without family, friends and definitely music. I don’t
know what I’d gladly get rid of, actually. I’m a declared hoarder and
believe in always gathering knowledge, be that either given by material
things or not.

Luny Has there ever been anywhere dangerous yet that your travels have found you at? Will there ever be?

Ellone Andreea: Not yet. I’ve noticed people tend to act alike no matter where you
travel to. I guess we’re not that different after all.


Picture 4:
Model/MUA: Ellone Andreea
Photographer: Ellone Andreea
Fangs & Lenses: Vampfangs

Luny Can you tell us a few of your favorite places you’ve eaten at while traveling and what did you order?

Ellone Andreea: I must confess I’ve not a big fan of experimenting with what I eat. If
there’s a person that orders the same kind of meal everywhere they go,
that would be me. Some interesting restaurants though were “Steampunk” in
Prague, “Fairytale” in Athens and “Absintherie Sixtina” in Bucharest.

Luny For anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell them?

Ellone Andreea: To have patience and don’t get put down by hearing “no”. You need to
keep yourself motivated and do what you consider best. It will all work
out if you really want it and work hard.


Picture 2:
Model/MUA/Styling: Ellone Andreea
Photographer: A. Beldiman
Lenses: Vampfangs
Necklace: Queen of Jackals

Luny Finally, is there anyone you’d like to say thanks to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Ellone Andreea: I’m always extremely thankful to each and every company/person that
has believed in me and have supported my work over the past year, and it’s
been wonderful to talk to so many amazing like minded people.
If you’d like to get connected to Ellone, you casn find her at:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ellone_andreea/
Patreon: http://patreon.com/ellone_andreea
Facebook: http://facebook.com/looktheotherwayblog/
Blog: http://looktheotherway.co/
Youtube: http://youtube.com/elloneandreea13
Business: contact AT looktheotherway.co

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