Fairie’s Death Waltz

I have to say, I wasn’t very familiar with this sub genre of music until I had a little free time and took to listening to it. With that being said, I was quite impressed with their style and the way they were able to accurately captivate and produce their music. The name of the band I am referring to is Fairie’s Death Walt, and they a Gothic Thrashing Opera Metal band from Hagerstown, MD. I scored an interview with the band, and the originator of the band, Jeff Lockwood spoke with me. Check it out!


Fairie's Death Waltz


Fairie’s Death Waltz meet and greet with two fans

Luny: Please tell everyone the name of your band, where you are from, and to which member I am currently speaking to
FDW: We are Fairie’s Death Waltz, a Gothic Thrashing Opera Metal band from Hagerstown, MD. This is Jeff Lockwood, the originator of the band, though our singer, Mary Karol, bassist Tony Kendall, and drummer Nolan Jones sat down with the questions as well, and we compiled our thoughts.



Gothic Footwear

© rougecrayon99 outfits and makeup by Fairie’s Death Waltz

Luny: I see FDW is in the process of recording a new album. When do you think it will be released and can you describe some of the new sounds we are to expect? (give lyrical backgrounds, inspirations, reasoning behind the tracks/names)

FDW: Yes, we are happy to say we are recording right now, and plan to have the first song released by September.
With the addition of Tony Kendall on bass, and Nolan Jones on drums, the rhythms of the existing music and the new songs has become much more dynamic and exciting. I return playing classical guitar parts, and Mary shows her dark operatic vocal prowess.


Band members: Tony and Nolan-©2018 
Photography Richard Bruce Riddick 

Luny: I noticed aside from making music Jeff, you are also a very talented artist. Can you describe a little bit about how you got started painting and what it’s been like as both a musician and artist?
FDW: Thanks!!!! The artwork- I started painting in 2002, though I took a break from 2006-2014. The time spent painting allows me to listen to music that I might not always have a chance to hear. The previous album cover and upcoming one are both mine. Music fills the void of time, and art covers its walls. My subject matter usually focuses on beautiful women. I am happy to say that along with the actual paintings, I’m about to be releasing prints.

Luny: When you aren’t making music or painting, what could we find you doing?
FDW: I enjoy working on pianos, reading, and making the occasional leather corset or dress.

Painting by jeff lockwood


Art by Jeff Lockwood

Luny: What inspirations or ideas was the basis behind the album you are currently working on?
FDW: As one of our favorite subjects, we visit a piece of classical literature, with “Waiting for your Love”, from Nancy’s perspective in Oliver Twist. “Kaneshno” is a special song for us, discovering our true identity, and with that the lyrical content covers a picture perfect life that is hiding abuse, and the victim finds that they are not broken. Among the remaining tracks, “Danse 2”, and “Gaslight” return to the Danse Macabre series.

Luny: If you were given one chance to tour with anyone, who would it be or why?
FDW: There are so many bands we like, we could never choose! Though I would say Iron Maiden, as they were my introduction to heavy metal, having grown up with only classical and opera. My mother was a professional opera singer.



Band members:Jeff and Mary

Photography:Nick Bowman

Luny: Who is one of your favorite Gothic or dark horror artists and why?
FDW: Oh, musically, Dark Sarah is wonderful, along with Type O Negative. In literature, HP Lovecraft and MR James. In art, Victoria Frances and the Pre-Raphaelites.

Luny: Can you recall some of the hardest times in your career as a musician and how you overcame them?
FDW: Music has always been one of my escapes from difficulty in life. However, after many years of playing, I had basically retired from rock and was performing strictly classical again. I did a recording of the music from some of Clint Eastwood’s westerns on solo classical guitar, and the response I got from the audience brought me back to a concept I had years before- the true combination of Opera and Metal music. Beautiful melodies against driving rhythms. The hardest part was believing anyone else would like it. I was actually terrified when we finished the very first song at our debut, March of 2017. The audience was silent for what seemed like forever. Then erupted in applause.

Luny: What do you think of when you consider the US Gothic Opera Metal music scene in the US? Is it a dying scene or do you feel it has a lot of influence and talent?
FDW: Wow, that’s a tough question. I constantly look for new bands and music. So much of the stuff I find is simply a copy of Evanescence or Nightwish, I’m disappointed with a lack of originality. That’s why I named Dark Sarah, Heidi’s writing is original and inspiring, though still very different from my own.



FDW / Temporary line up.

Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to send thanks to, or any websites you’d like to mention our readers visit? You may list your own.
FDW: We have so many people to thank and give a shout out to- our fans, who we love, especially those brave enough to get whipped by Mary during “Your Ophelia”, but also Michael Harris, for giving us the chance to show Mary off, singing while suspended from a post, https://www.facebook.com/hfmusicmedia
Jay for all his support and help- https://www.facebook.com/rougecrayon99
All the bands we have had the opportunity to work with, and the venues, radio stations, and booking agents who have given us a chance, thank you!!!
Our pages-
Instagram @fairiesdeathwaltzofficial

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