I’ve always loved cool and unusual looking items made from leather. I know of one other shop like this that makes items that looks like human skin or human faces, but the shop i’m going to be mentioning today creates all sort of crazy looking items from leather.

You might have seen a few of these items floating around online from social sharing and wondered where they came from. Well, wonder no more. The shop is named FamilySkiners and it’s based out of Moscow, Russia and owned by 2 people, Roman and Elena. Their work is incredible!

About the Shop:

Welcome to FamilySkiners shop!
❤️ We, FamilySkiners – is only 2 people. Our names Roman and Elena.
We live in a beautiful town Moscow, in Russia.

👍 FamilySkiners – only the best raw materials and never save on it.
We personally take part in creating all items.

When you buy FamilySkiners products you can be sure that you buy the original quality item. All FamilySkiners items created fully by the Master’s imagination and hands.
🐱 In the FamilySkiners shop presented accessories and jewelry for men and women.
Brand FamilySkiners has its unique and recognizable style. - the best Gothic dating site! - the best Gothic dating site!

Chic, Kitsch and real originality – all this is about FamilySkiners.
FamilySkiners pays great attention to the quality: to the materials, to the fit and to every detail.
All products are made by hand from start to finish.
All the products are unique in its kind.

👍 We create accessories, clothes and adornments of genuine leather, fur and other materials, and we do it PROFESSIONALLY!

Leather is our passion and love for the rest of our life.
👌 If you like unique, saucy, high quality things and want to attract the attention, you scored a hit ))
FamilySkiners – brand for creative, brave and stylish people.
For those who are looking for something unique.

👍 Exclusive things – Excellent investment!
Exclusive things from FamilySkiners every year increasing in price.
And you can always sell it more expensive than bought.
Professional, quality and intricate detail work.

🐱 Our qualification is clothes design. We work
professionally, as besides formal qualifications we have
more than ten years of experience in this sphere. We work
in different styles, but we prefer Rock, Steampunk и
Horror styles.

✌ During the years of work with leather we invented many new
techniques of working with leather. We always reach our goals.
Our motto is ‘We love our work and our work loves us’.
There are no limits to perfection!
👍 FamilySkiners- is only handmade!
All items are handmade from the beginning to the end. The quality is guaranteed .

Enjoy )
With respect, FamilySkiners ❤️

A few items:

Baphomet - Fanny pack festival

Baphomet – Fanny pack festival


Fanny pack – Baphomet – Horror toys – Fanny pack festival – Fanny pack custom – For women – Christmas gifts – Toys – Phone case – Girlfriend birthday gift – Christmas gifts for her – iPhone case – Mini backpack – Satan – Occult

There’s nothing to be ashamed of! You have a sweet, fun side to your twisted sense of style. Balance is a good thing. Show them that evil can be cute, that creepy can be fluffy and that horrifying can be so very touchable. This handmade backpack is an enigma of mixed signals sure to delight both sides of your personality.

This or special requests prior to placing your order. The artisans at FamilySkiners small, yet roomy backpack is 100% handcrafted. The bag itself is made of fuzzy, black, fake fur. It features a three dimensional replica of the dark deity, Baphomet, created in genuine black leather and resin. Glowing, blood red eyes add a punch of color. Sturdy, versatile straps allow the bag to be worn as a fanny pack, backpack, leg holster, or an over the shoulder bag. The possibilities are limited only by your fierce imagination.

Your bag will be custom made exclusively for you. Please contact us if you have any questions can customize this piece to suit your preferences in color, size or design. Unless otherwise specified, you will receive the item as shown in the above images and description.

Backpack specifics:
Materials: Genuine leather
Fake fur
Primary color: Black
Secondary color: Red

***Remember: Actual colors may differ from the colors as seen on your monitor, depending on your monitor settings.

This little creation is fully functional and practical. Handy and handcrafted, you’ll find it to be a bewitching addition to your favorite accessories or a charming gift for the girl who embraces her dark side with a sense of humor and lighthearted whimsy. Place your order today.

Baphomet Men's wallet leather

Baphomet Men’s wallet leather


100% HandMade
Design – FamilySkiners.

Leather purse, wallet – “Satan”.
Horror, Gothic, Rock styles.
~ Giftbox included.

You will get the exact same wallet like in the picture unless you specify otherwise.
If you would like to have your item customized especially for you (length, leather colour, etc.) please preliminary contact us.

~ Product in detail:
** Wallet size when closed: 11 cm (approx 4.3 inch) * 9 cm (approx 3.5 inch)
** Wallet color: mix: Black and Brown

** Wallet material: Genuine leather.
Baphomet – a mix of plastic and rubber (very durable material).

Fantasy Costume / Personal order / Leather corset Goth Gothic clothing Horror costume Zombie Dead Wicca Cosplay Wicca clothing Human flesh

Fantasy Costume / Personal order / Leather corset Goth Gothic clothing Horror costume Zombie Dead Wicca Cosplay Wicca clothing Human flesh


Goth – Goth dress – Gothic clothing – Goth clothing – Horror – Horror costume – Gothic home decor – Zombie – The walking dead – Cosplay- Wicca – Wiccan clothing – Wicca altar

Who is that woman? She’s a ravishing flesh and blood barbarian. Born out of ashes, blood and terror, she rules the shadows from a throne of bone and rock. All kneel in surrender, but alas, she takes no prisoners.

Now, who are you? Goth princess, fantasy femme fatale, Zombie priestess, twisted biker, bondage therapist, steam punk diva, horror goddess? More than likely you defy description, but deep within you is the power to rock this fearless ensemble. Be haunting unforgettable, be their worst recurring nightmare, but be yourself in this absolutely savage, one of a kind creation.

Totally hand cut, hand stitched, hand painted, handcrafted exclusively for you, this ensemble is head-to-toe dark sensuality. Order the complete suite of seven separate items, or any combination of two or more pieces.

Corset- Created of genuine leather and sturdy, all natural shroud cloth, two ghastly creatures of the night guard the breasts with 3 dimensional terror. Claw-like talons maintain a death-grip on the ribs. Leather laces cinch up the sides, allowing for a custom fit. This corset is a stunning masterpiece of sensual horror.

Collar-Dark and diabolical, this choker collar is created of ebony colored, genuine leather with eroded edges, nail-like details, and leather laces that ensure a comfortable fit. Or a tight squeeze if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bracers-These leather cuffs cover the forearm from wrist to mid-arm. Long whip-like leather laces send a dangerous message.

Belt-A wide band of distressed leather wraps around the back then buckles in front. Multiple straps of dark leather crisscross the hips and thighs tempting all who dare to gaze upon your flesh.

Bag-For all those little things you don’t leave home without. Strap this roomy, pouch-like saddlebag over a low-slung belt and go where angels fear to tread. Made of genuine leather with a veiny, 3 dimensional effect so realistic you’ll wonder what or who was skinned alive in the process.

Goggles-Straight out of the post-apocalyptic future, these gnarly goggles are created of dark leather. Wrapped around the head securely and worn as a headband or tiara, this piece adds the final clever touch to your attire.

Shoes-Custom made to fit your foot. You choose the style, materials and size and we’ll have you shod in extreme footwear unlike anything else this side of hell.

Because these items are all 100% handmade, each is an absolutely unique creation. Due to the nature of our craft, it is impossible to duplicate precisely as shown in the above images. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering. We will custom make these items according to your exact specifications and you can be confident in our impeccable workmanship. Unless otherwise specified, we will re-create, as closely as possible, the item as shown in the images.

Materials: Hide of beast, all natural fabric, cotton
Metal eyelets, grommets
Blend of plastic, rubber and resins
Primary colors: Earth, Dust, Dirt, Bone and Mud

Leather harness Pentagram necklace Bondage harness Harness bra Baphomet Lucifer Harness top Strappy bra Leather bra Baphomet necklace

Leather harness Pentagram necklace Bondage harness Harness bra Baphomet Lucifer Harness top Strappy bra Leather bra Baphomet necklace


Occult Pentacle Satan Leather harness Pentagram necklace Satanic Bondage harness Harness bra Baphomet Lucifer Harness top Strappy bra Leather bra Baphomet necklace Pentagram harness

Leather costume : harness and bra

100% handmade

Product in detail:
** Straps sizing: The size of straps is possible easily to regulate.
If necessary, write to us and we will make any size for you.
** Color: black
** Material: Genuine leather
Resin and plastic mix

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you love or hate this shop. And to visit their shop on Etsy, check out the url below:

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