Jacqueline Marie Mourning

I know I haven’t posted a new update in a few days, but I have been pretty busy IRL and since I don’t have anyone else submitting articles currently, this is what happens. Sorry folks!

Anyways, I wanted to introduce our next guest. And had I known of her vast history, I would have interviewed her on more than just her modeling skills.

Her modeling name is Jacqueline Marie Mourning and she’s from Burbank, CA. She’s been in modeling for many years but is out of the limelight and is making her return with Alt/Gothic modeling. She is anything but to be considered an amateur in the world of modeling. She’s also done work as an actress in TV shows & commercials.

Some of the things she loves includes acting, modeling, riding & training horses, art, vintage clothing, and more. She has led quite the interesting lifestyle and I’m happy to see she has gotten back into the world of modeling. Here’s her interview:

Jacqueline Marie Mourning

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and where you are from.

Gothic Treasures

Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Jacqueline Marie Mourning. I live in Burbank, CA, USA

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Luny: Apart from modeling and being a YouTube content creator, what else do you love doing?

Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Riding horses, reading books, and dancing ballet.

Luny: Have you done any professional modeling work yet, and if so, with whom?

Jacqueline Marie Mourning: I’ve been a professional model since 1986. Primarily mainstream such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and so on until my 30s. Lots of commercials, TV shows and some film work as well. I picked up Gothic and Alt Modeling a few years ago. The latest thing to come out is Auxiliary Magazine out of New York. I’m their pinup of the month in the current issue.

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Luny: Can you tell us a little more about your YouTube channel? I noticed you post DIY videos along with other content. My Jacqueline Marie Mourning: You Tube is really relatively new aspect of my online life. I”m still figuring that part out actually.

Luny: When not online, what could we find you doing in your day to day life?

Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Riding horses, reading books, or dancing ballet. If I’m not working.

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Luny: If you had to think about your strengths and weakness’s, what would they be and why?
Jacqueline Marie Mourning: I have a lot of tenacity, and I’m very creative. As far as weaknesses go, I can’t resist sugar, so that’s a big problem. And I can get very down on myself sometimes.

Luny: Are you up to date with world news or focus on anything important regarding such? If so, please explain.
Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Not really. I find most of it very depressing.

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Luny: What has been your biggest goal in life so far and have you accomplished it?
Jacqueline Marie Mourning: I have had many big goals, because my interests and aspirations tend to change. Most of them I’ve accomplished or close enough to satisfy me.

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Luny: If you had to pick one place to live for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?
Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Apart from where I am? Probably either Scotland or France. I lived in Paris for a while during my mainstream model days, and its a second home to me, and Scotland is the home of my heart. Ive only ever been able to visit there but I have loved it every time.

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Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?
Jacqueline Marie Mourning: Oh the pressure!!! If I forget someone I’ll feel guilty! How about just my family, for always putting up with my crazy ideas and plans.

To discover more about Jacqueline Marie Mourning, feel free to visit her on:

Her website: http://www.jacquelinemariemourning.com
IG: http://www.instagram.com/JacquelineMarieMourning
FB: http://www.facebook.com/JacquelineMarieMourning
YT: http://www.youtube.com/JacquelineMarieMourning

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