Kittu Babi

I have been looking to do more interviews with makeup artists and enthusiasts within the Alternative & Gothic community and I finally got my wish! I have been following our next guest for a little bit on IG and decided to see if she’d be up for an interview. Turns out I was in luck.

Kittu Babi is a makeup enthusiast/gamer/model/artist AND paranormal investigator. Pretty sweet combination eh? I recently got the chance to speak to her about makeup and her style and she was very insightful on describing herself and what she loves. Here’s the interview:

Kittu Babi

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and where you are from.

Kittu Babi: My modeling name is Kittu Babi and I’m based in California.

Luny: How long have you been doing modeling for and how did you get started?

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Kittu Babi: I’ve been modeling for about 4 years. I got started my simply taking pictures in a more dark Gothic nature to express my form of art. I eventually want to do more intense and creative forms of art.

Kittu Babi

Luny: I see you are also a makeup artist? What are some of your favorite styles to create?

Kittu Babi: I’m not a certified makeup artist just a makeup enthusiast. I love to create horror based styles or no eyebrow alien looks. I do like to promote my Aries sign with a creature look from time to time.

Luny: Can you recommend some great Gothic makeup tutorials and artists for people wanted to learn how to do makeup?

Kittu Babi: Of course, I love watching ReeRee Phillips, ItsBlackFriday, and Dre Ronayane. A good goth queen to look at is of course the lovely Adora BatBrat, she dosent do many videos but her makeup is amazing.

Kittu Babi

Luny: What are some brands of makeup you love using?

Kittu Babi: My favorites I’m using at the moment is bh cosmetics Supernova or Naked for eyeshadows, Nyx metallics(lips) or contour stick, and Neutrogena hydro tint for foundation.

Luny: Have you worked professionally yet for any models as a makeup artist and/or do you think you’d like to in the future?

Kittu Babi: I have not unfortunately. I would love too but I would need more knowledge and practice first.

Luny: If you could be doing your dream job tomorrow, where would you be working?

Kittu Babi: I would love to do modeling in Germany. Always been fascinated in the architect ans scene of the country. Plus there’s allot of models I look up to in the area I could only dream collaborating with.

Luny: Has your husband ever let you do his makeup and what was his reaction?

Kittu Babi: It’s funny I’ve asked him and he dosen’t mind so every time we go to a goth club i get to make him a pretty boy haha.

Kittu Babi

Luny: Do you feel makeup manufacturer’s lie or are dishonest about their products sometimes?

Kittu Babi: I feel any company trying to sell a product has the possibility to do so. So it’s all about research and reviews to make sure you get what you want.

Kittu Babi

Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to say thanks to or any websites you’d like to mention? (You can add your social URLs)

Kittu Babi: I would love to say thanks to these models who inspire me.

I would also love too say thanks to my husband, inspiring photographer, who encourages me to do anything I want.

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