How on earth do I keep running across such impressively talented models from other countries? And to be fair, it isn’t just to classify them as just models because I have interviewed model/writers model/musicians model/designers etc. It never ceases to amaze me at the levels of creativity and determination a person can have, to keep striving forward and pushing, to reach what they desire most in life. And my next guest is someone who is doing just that!

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this beauty via Instagram and after casually asking for an interview she accepted. Thank you again! And thank you to all those currently who have taken the time to participate with these interviews.

Now the person I would like for you to get to know today is LadyGaby. She is French, loves playing the piano, is an avid gamer, a bookworm and more. Here’s our interview:


Photographer: @Chaney555

Luny: Can you please tell everyone your modeling name and where you are from?
LadyGaby: My modelling name is LadyGaby and I’m from France. I speak French and English fluently.

Luny: Everyone seems to get into modeling for different reasons. What is yours?

Gothic Treasures

LadyGaby: I always wanted to be a model since I can remember. I used to watch a lot of Card Captor Sakura and I fell in love with her costumes she would wear in her adventures and I really wanted to be like her when I was younger. So that’s where my passion of modelling came. However, I never had a lot of girly things as I grew up, my parents never brought me a lot of clothes and I really never looked like the other girls in my school.

I was really shy and timid and I used modelling to stop being that way and my confidence grew as a person. I used to get bullied a lot at school and always thought I was ugly so I wanted to prove to myself that you know what, fuck people, I’m going to follow my dreams and become a model. And that’s basically why I started modelling 😃.


Photographer: @leszek_lata
Assistants: @mono_pics_ @blueeyestography

Luny: Give me a list of a few great books you’ve read lately and a brief summary.

LadyGaby: I read Eric by Terry Pratchett who is about a boy who wants his three wishes granted but he summons a wizard by accident instead of a Demon who can do that for him. They end up going in Hell and actually meets the Demons. It’s a very funny book and Terry Pratchett must be my favorite author! The second book I finished was Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. A group of people are traveling on the so called train but gets stuck in their journey. Someone murdered one of the passengers and Hercule Poirot must do his own little investigation. I won’t spoil the ending 😝.

Luny: When considering what outfits or costumes to wear when modeling, what do you take into consideration?

LadyGaby: So usually I pick an outfit that would fit with the theme that the photographer and I have discussed. I take into consideration everything! To the shoes, the hair, accessories, make-up and any props that is needed. I love telling a story through my modelling and not just posing for the sake of posing you know. I am a mad organizer so that’s why I always take care to plan my shoots very well!

Photographer: Fhotean

Luny: Favorite video games in 3…2…1

LadyGaby: My favorite video games franchises are: The Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Photographer: @leszek_lata
Assistants: @mono_pics_ @blueeyestography

Luny: I see that you have siblings. What do they think about your modeling and are they helpful in anyway with it?

LadyGaby: Well they actually haven’t said much. My sister is too young to discuss it with and my brother is too busy studying. But my brother supports me with it. It’s more Dad that keeps asking me how I’m doing with it and he’s very proud of what I do.

Photographer: leszek_lata
Assistants: mono_pics_

Luny: What do you consider to be the toughest decision you’ve had to make in life so far and why?

LadyGaby: I don’t believe I have made any toughest decisions in my life so far. I just know what I want in life and I’ll go and do it.

Luny: If you could be famous for one thing, would it be for modeling or playing the piano?

LadyGaby: Well that’s a difficult one! I’m passionate in both of them. Gonna pick both 😝.

Luny: What are some of your favorite websites to visit and why?

LadyGaby: YouTube! I’m always watching a walk through of a game or a documentary. Really it’s to keep my French up 😝 . And I love going on Amazon to spoil myself.

Photographer: Kube Studios

Luny: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?

LadyGaby: Well thanks for everyone who follows me on Instagram and supports me along the way of my modelling career. It really has helped me a lot and made me feel better about myself too 😃. Check out my modelling website here:

And thank you for the questions, had a lot of fun answering them 😝

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