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Poland has yet to prove me wrong with the amount of sheer talent and creativity they are displaying. And yes, as you can guess, our next special guest comes from Poland. She is multi talented and is to be considered as a Alternative Model/Retoucher/Streamer/ and DIY Outfits Creator. Sounds like a pretty busy lifestyle eh?

I’m happy she managed to find a few free minutes to do this interview and know it probably wasn’t easy to find the time. Mademoiselle Juliette is her name and this is her interview!

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Credits: Retouch/dress/gloves by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and where you are from.

Mademoiselle Juliette: I’m known as Mademoiselle Juliette. I live in the south of Poland.

Luny: Can you tell us how you got started modeling and what it’s been like?

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Mademoiselle Juliette: Since high school, I have dreams about photographs in rock and Gothic styles, but my environment didn’t allow me to realize my passion.

Eighteen months ago I met a person who believed in my creativity, supported me and helped in creating photos that I saw in my visions. That’s how I started modeling seriously. Unfortunately, being a model is very difficult for me, due to social pressures at odds with my interests. However, I don’t give up and I would like to achieve my goals in the future.

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Credits: Retouch/dress by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: I see you are also a retouch-er? What exactly do you retouch? Photographs? Clothing? Kindly explain

Mademoiselle Juliette: Currently, I retouch my own photographs, but I was also preparing product photos in the past. I’m still trying to learn and gain experience because I associate my future with graphics and photography.

Luny: I also happened to notice you make your own outfits. How long have you been doing that and is it hard?

Mademoiselle Juliette: It is more like a hobby from time to time, in which you have to put up a lot of money. However, is there a hobby in which we don’t have to invest time and money? 🙂 I find this fairly difficult as I don’t have any formal experience or grounding, I’m entirely self taught. As I don’t have a lot of experience so far, I often don’t know what elements to use to realize the vision that appeared in the head so it takes time to research properly.

Sometimes in the middle of the night I have an idea that I need to sketch right away so that I won’t forget it. An interesting example is an outfit that appeared in a nightmare, I hope that I will bring it into reality, because it will look really great. I hope that in the future I will have more opportunities to create costumes born in my head.

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Credits: Retouch/dress/wrist and neck accessories by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: What are some new outfits you’re currently working on and why did you choose those exactly?

Mademoiselle Juliette: So far, I have some plans and ideas, and soon I’m going to start working on something new. Plans mainly for photos in winter in the snow. However, I can reveal an idea for the nearest time, it concerns a catsuit and a gas mask with ruins in the background. Due to the fact that I have been fascinated by that kind of imagery for a few years.

Luny: Can you tell us some places you’d love to do a few photo shoots in the future and why?

Mademoiselle Juliette: I would like to visit a magical castle in the west of Poland, it is a really beautiful place, especially for fairy/princess dresses. I would also like to drive to Germany, where I found some interesting buildings by searching in the Internet.

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Credits: Retouch/mini hat by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: How helpful are your fans with your modeling/photography/ costume designs? Do you value their feedback and try to create things they want or do you create what you think up on your own?

Mademoiselle Juliette: I always read comments, messages and I’m happy to see how people react to the ideas I present. Sometimes it inspires me to create creations in a similar concept.

Luny: I see you have an Etsy shop. Do you have plans to sell any costumes or photographs you’ve created?

Mademoiselle Juliette: Currently, you can buy my 2018 calendars on Etsy. There are two versions to choose from, the princess version and the second one, which is alternative/fetish. I divided it into two separate visions, because people that visit my page have different favorite kinds of photographs. If there is ever interest in printed photos, I will also make them available in the store. So far, I don’t plan to sell clothes/accessories for sale, but we will see what will the future bring.

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Credits: Retouch/dress/headpiece by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: What do you like the least about costume designing? Something that maybe aggravates or annoys you?

Mademoiselle Juliette: As I mentioned, lack of knowledge about how to create something, where to find the right materials, expensive materials. In addition, you often need a small workshop with tools. I try to acquire the necessary equipment, but still some things are missing.

Credits: Retouch/headdress by Mademoiselle Juliette

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Mademoiselle Juliette: Special thanks to my photographer, who first believed in me. As well as for people who support me with a good word, in a message or in a comment.
I would like to mention my Etsy shop in which you can find my calendars, the purchase of which provides a lot of support for my work. I’m glad that I can decorate someone’s wall with my pictures. 🙂
Link to the store:

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