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I truly enjoy coming across people who express their creatively in multiple ways. And our next interview involves someone just like that. While being an accomplished model, she is also a fashion apparel designer & shop owner. I got the chance to look over some of her apparel she’s created and it’s pretty bad ass. I think my favorite piece was “The Devilish Set” Because of the colors, rings, spikes, clips, and studs. 🙂

Her modeling name is Nicole Nirvana and she is the owner of Forgotten Lockett. Which is coincidentally located in a place I’ve always wanted to travel to, New Zealand. I got the chance to speak to her about her work and what it’s like being a fashion apparel designer. Here is the interview along with a few items that she sells and product descriptions:


Luny: Can you please tell everyone your name and the name of your company?

Nicole Nirvana: My name is Nicole schmidt my stage name/model name is Nicole Nirvana. My brand is called Forgotten Lockett

Luny: What sort of themes and styles would you consider your products to follow?

infinity boots

Nicole Nirvana: Although my theme changes a lot depending on what’s holding my interest at the time, my style has always been romantic gothic that is dark end edgy yet whimsical at the same time. At the moment the theme I’m into is dystopia, so a lot more hard edge punk studded/spike leather outfits coming soon.


Luny: What is the longest time it has taken you to produce an item and why was that?
Nicole Nirvana: 2-3 weeks, manly happens when I’m starting a new garment from scratch. The coats and jackets take the longest as I go back to my pattern making progress a few times to get the design how I want it. Sometimes I end the few week long process with a number of different styles from the same master.

Luny: Who are some of the models who have ordered your items?

Nicole Nirvana:
Dani Divine – love her ! She just got the cover of “crazy bitch” in one of my outfits.
Venus Starr – show girl
Alexia Rose – New Zealand tattoo model

Luny: What sort of materials do you enjoy working with and why?

Nicole Nirvana: Leather and lace. I just love the combination, I also have an obsession with leather. Being a motorbike rider, my leathers are life ! Plus they look dam cool. With lace I love the details of the designs.

Luny: What future designs and products are you currently working on?

Nicole Nirvana: At the moment I’m in the middle of making another choker harness. They are all different, each with hand picked vintage lace and other rear trinkets that I can not repeat. Also in the middle of making some biker paints and jackets lined with fur.


Luny: What words of advice could you give to someone wanting to start their own fashion apparel company?

Nicole Nirvana: Go for it ! Put yourself out there one outfit at a time. Social media will be your best friend, so do your best to build up a fan club and watch your brand expand from there. Also enjoy the process, some of my best work has come from customer order and trying new things.


Luny: Have you ever gotten a request to make something and had to refuse it? If so, explain please.

Nicole Nirvana: I try never to say no but being based in New Zealand I’m some what limited in fabric resources. But I try working around that to find alternatives. Just a few odd requests that just cant be made due to the nature of the fabric such as a dress hanging from the nipples ? Lol oddest one by far.

Luny: What is the most expensive item you’ve created and what was the cost?
Nicole Nirvana: $800 for a fully lined military style coat. Was stunning, full to the floor with hidden pockets, chains and vintage patches from old army uniforms.


Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or a website url you’d like to mention?

Nicole Nirvana: Yes, big thanks to all the different photographers who have worked with me. You can find them tagged in any image.
I manly work through Facebook, instagram and etsy.

Instagram @forgotten.lockett


My Etsy Shop:

My model page is:

And now for some items from her Forgotten Lockett Shop:

The Devilish Set
Modeled by model Dani Divine

The Devilish Set

3 piece set.
-Black leather and lace choker harness
-Red cross bralette harness top
-Matching thong bottoms

This a hand made limited edition set!
Modeled by Dani Divine.

Made from:
High quality elstic black straps.
Black leather and lace.
Red velvet trim with skull and cross details.
Metal rings loops and clips.
Metal Chains studs and spikes.
Black and red rhinestones.

Killer bodysuit

Killer Bodysuit

Black PVC and mesh /lace bodysuit.
One inch long spikes and other metal studs.
Adjustable high quality elstic straps.
Padded cups.
Lace trim.

This bodysuit is made from stretch fabric and will easily fit a range of sizes.
Fits XS to Large
NZ sizing 6 to 14

Lace bodysuit

Lace Bodysuit


Black Lace and Black wet look PVC fabric
Lace trim
Size Small, Medium and Large available

Leg Harness An choker harness sold separately- please message for orders

Please Note!
shipping from New Zealand, Will take 3-5 working days In NZ and 10-16 working days to overseas.
Any overseas In-port tax must be payed by customer.
If returns need to be made, customer needs to pay for shipping back to NZ.

Pretty impressive eh? What do you think about her and her shop? Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. And for a full list of her products you may check out her Etsy store here:

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