Nosferatu Necromancer

I had planned on posting this next interview yesterday, but I sadly got caught up with some duties around the house. Anyways, on to the subject at hand.

Luca Van Der Zwaan is who I was fortunate to speak with today. Her modeling name is Nosferatu Necromancer and currently resides in The Netherlands. She is currently studying all-round styling, but feels maybe she would love to do something with art illustration or tattoo’s. Whatever she decides to do, I know she can achieve it!

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Nosferatu Necromancer
Photographer: Carmine Worx

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and how you came up with it.

Nosferatu Necromancer:My modeling name is Nosferatu Necromancer. Yes I’m aware that’s a very long name and a lot of non-alternative people have a real hard time pronouncing it.. I really love the Gothic novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, and there the name “nosferatu” was used for vampires, and I always found it a beautiful word. And I’m also a satanist, and I think its hilarious how one dumb square automatically exclaimed “NECROMANCER” when I told her that.

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Luny: Can you tell us how long you’ve owned your own website and describe a brief history of your blogging and computer related knowledge?

Nosferatu Necromancer: I’ve always had blogs, I really love writing because I’m always thinking about stuff and sometimes my head just fills up like a balloon and I need some kind of way to lose all the ideas and opinions, so I write it down. I have my current blog for about two years but I only started taking it seriously a year ago. It’s also a platform I use to showcase my photo-shoots, because most modeling sites have a limited amount of photo’s you can upload and I like to show all of them, so you can scroll all the way down and see my progress.

Nosferatu Necromancer
Photographer Credits: Gert Lammers

Luny: Your about me section on your website is very informative, what could you tell us about yourself that isn’t listed on there?

Nosferatu Necromancer: I identify as a non-binary person. I know, we got a bad rep on the internet bc of assholes who are like “DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER I’M TRANSHELICOPTER”. But it actually is a valid thing. I don’t really feel like I’m a girl, but I also don’t think I’m a boy. I’m just me, and also my gender energy just changes from day to day, sometimes I feel more girly and pretty and sometimes I feel more masculine and handsome. I understand that most people would just assume I’m a woman because of the way I dress and I don’t try to make my body look more masculine most of the time, because I’m okay with the way my body looks. So I don’t really mind when people call me “she” and stuff.

Luny: Do you have a favorite style of art and design? Or one you favor more. If so, please explain.

Nosferatu Necromancer: I don’t really have one particular style I like but overall I do prefer more “dark” or gory styles. I just identify more with it I guess. I mean, I’m goth so it just blends in with my aesthetic better too.

Nosferatu Necromancer
Photographer Credits: Maartje Smits

Luny: What are some of the most common questions you get asked by people who don’t understand you?

Nosferatu Necromancer: They see my self-harm scars everywhere and I often wear fetish-inspired pieces in my outfits, so they automatically assume I’m a masochist and self-harm is a kind of masturbation for me. My self-harm past is not related to my sexual preferences at all, it’s a very bad habit I developed to cope, it’s not an expression of pleasure at all. At least not for me.

Luny: Looking around you at your fellow peers & family, who has been the ones who offer the most love and support towards what you like doing?

Nosferatu Necromancer: My family accepts that I do photo-shoots, but they don’t particularly like it. I think it’s just because they’re worried about my safety and my future. My boyfriend supports me, and he doesn’t get jealous at all because he trusts me. And he kinda likes bragging to his friends that he’s dating a model hahaha. Overall people close to me don’t really care to be honest, they support me but they realize it’s just my job.

Luny: Can you describe for us a little about your country and how you view it overall?

Nosferatu Necromancer: I live in the Netherlands, and it’s a pretty progressive country I guess, but still there is a lot that should change in my opinion. I mean in Amsterdam, the capital, everyone is very free-spirited and cool, but in the smaller towns it’s bunch of rednecks and everywhere are still subtle traces of racism because of my country’s past. We are very LGBTQIA+ friendly though, we were the first to legalize gay marriage. But still, we’re not perfect. But which country is?

Nosferatu Necromancer
Photographer Credits: Ork Fotografie

Luny: Touching on your singing, I wanted to know, what do you enjoy to sing and have you ever been apart of a band?

Nosferatu Necromancer: I mostly listen to post-punk and grunge and other types of rock and alternative, but when I sing myself I usually go to the more jazz and blues genres. I really love Amy Winehouse, so I’m super inspired by her, but also Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald are amazing. I haven’t been in a band yet, mostly because right now I don’t have the time and I also don’t really have the connections or knowledge to start one. I have done some gigs in bars and at events though, by myself, with just an instrumental in the background.

Nosferatu Necromancer
Photographer Credits: Ron Van Rutten

Luny: How do you find yourself testing and pushing your creative limits as far as modeling goes?

Nosferatu Necromancer: At first I was really sure I didn’t want to to nude, but then I started to do topless, and now I’m willing to do implied nude (so you are nude but you don’t see private parts) but only in a non-sexual setting. I like doing fetish photography and light eroticism, but I don’t wanna do pornographic work, I want it to stay artistic. So that’s why I’m a bit hesitant of nudity in photography. I have done it a few times but only with art-photographers

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