Let’s see if you can guess where this next person I was fortunate enough to get the chance to interview is from. Here’s a few hints:

    • The name of this city means “Black Pool”


    • It has over 1000 Pubs


    Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker were former residents


Any ideas? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s DUBLIN! Ireland is ANOTHER one of my “must visit before I die” destinations I hope to make it to one day. And I am quite jealous our next guest lives there!

Her modeling name is Persephone and she’s far from just a model. She runs her own Etsy store in which she sells hand crafted cards, jewelry and more. She also loves to travel and has been to quite a few places. I’m pretty lucky to have gotten this interview, as she always seems to be quite busy. Anyways, on to the interview!

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Credits: Horns: Restyle / Photography: Martynas Ceilytka

Luny: Can you please tell everyone your modeling name and how you came about creating it?

Persephone: My modeling name is Persephone. I’ve been called by this name long before I’ve even started modeling, it’s like my second name, many people know me only as Persephone. I’m very interested in mythology, especially Greek. I found Persephone’s myth very intriguing and close to my soul, that’s why I chose this name. She was the Goddess of the Underworld, the wife of Hades (King of the Underworld, God of Death and Darkness), and a daughter of Demeter (the harvest Goddess). - the best Gothic dating site! - the best Gothic dating site!

Luny: I see you are a travel addict. Where have been some of your favorite places to visit and why?

Persephone: I loved traveling since childhood. I love visiting new places, getting to know new cultures. My favorite place I’ve been to is Venice, because of it’s uniqueness, there’s no other place like that in the world. It’s a real jewel surrounded by water. I’ve been there 3 times and every time I kept falling in love with that city more and more. No wonder why so many poets wrote about it’s beauty. Venice is like a big museum itself, every corner is a piece of art.

Being there is like stepping back in time, all the houses and palaces date back hundreds of years, there are no cars around, it makes Venice even more special. Especially at night, when it gets quiet and you can even hear your own footsteps. I also love Rome, Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, Malta and many other places. I just love traveling anywhere, in all the countries you can find something special, unique and beautiful.

And of course a special place in my heart belongs to Ireland – I’m proud to call this amazing country my home. It never ceases to amaze me, every time I travel around Ireland I keep finding some new beautiful places.

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Credits: Coat (Draculaclothing) / Photography: Martynas Ceilytka

Luny: What is one place you have yet to travel to, but desperately want to?

Persephone: My dream is to visit Egypt – pyramids of Giza and the temple of Abu Simbel. Also Greece – Athens.

Luny: What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses to be?

Persephone: Oh that’s not an easy question! 🙂 Well, my biggest strength I think is my enormous love for life. I LOVE life, I enjoy every day, and I believe that’s how it should be, because many people don’t stop and think how actually SHORT our life is. You have to cherish every moment given to you. You have to reach for your dreams, let yourself be happy, do not resist temptations, don’t wait till it’s too late, act NOW, don’t be afraid! “Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations.

Be afraid of nothing” (Oscar Wilde) And I’ve noticed that the more you enjoy life, the more it “pays” you back with the happy moments 🙂 I’m very positive, very optimistic. We all have bad days of course, but I try to make them better. I find pleasure even in small things, such as falling leaves dancing in the wind… the city in the fog… a stolen kiss… a little piece of poetry… a flame of a burning candle.. I haven’t always been like that, but there were few turns in my long gone past that changed me for good and made me stronger. I’m also very stubborn and try to ALWAYS get what I want 🙂

Some people think I’m quiet and calm, but only those who don’t know me well. I can be a real volcano once you get to know me 😉 My other strength is loyalty to my true friends and family. I have only a few true friends, because it’s not easy to earn my trust. But when they do, I can go to the edge of the world for them, keep their deepest secrets, make them happy, and I know they’d do the same for me, friendship is sacred… Weaknesses.. Well, I’ll just answer by quoting my favorite writer Oscar Wilde again – “My weakness is that I do what I will and get what I want” 🙂

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Credits: Photography: Noleen Kavanagh

Luny: I see you are also a card maker and have your own online shop. How has that been doing for you?

Persephone: I have a passion for card making, been doing this for about 3 years now and it’s going really great. It all started as a hobby, but then I’ve noticed peoples interest in my cards and started to take part in the various craft fairs around Dublin and selling them online.

I have online shop, you can check it out here: and on Facebook:

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Credits: Designer: Kat O’Strophic
MUA: Svetlana Onofras
Photography: Eddie Kavanagh

Luny: In reference to your card making again, how do you come up with ideas and styles of cards to design?

Persephone: I get inspired by many things. The beautiful Irish landscape, creative talented people, myths and history. I’m very interested in the Fairy Tales and myths. Ireland is a land full of magic and legends. Some of my first cards were Fairy cards, decorated with the Fairies pictures. I also love everything old fashioned and it reflects in my cards.

I put all my heart in each of them. We live in an age where high technologies let us communicate with each other by phones, computers, etc, but no emails or text messages can touch one’s heart and soul like a handwritten greeting card. It’s a very personal way to reach somebody, a special little gift that will be treasured and kept for many years. I need such things in my life and thanks to my customers I can see that other people do also.

Luny: Back to your modeling, Who have you gotten to work with so far? Such as collaborations with other models, shops etc.

Persephone: I had a pleasure to work with many super talented photographers, make up artists and amazing designers Kat O’Strophic (you can see her works here:, Carina Cunningham ( and more.

I’ve attended various fashion shows, joined ACE the Alternative Commercial Equal Agency, became the Face of Belfast Alternative Fashion Week 2016, was published in the EQUAL Magazine (

Luny: What book are you currently reading and what’s it about?

Persephone: At the moment I’m reading 2 books. First one – my favorite writer’s Oscar Wilde’s biography by Richard Ellman. Oscar Wilde is my idol and biggest inspiration 🙂 The second book is “Les Fleurs du mal” (The Flowers of Evil) poetry by Charles Baudelaire (in 1857 he was prosecuted for an insult to public decency because of those poems).

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Credits: Photography: Eddie Kavanagh

Luny: When you finally leave this world, what do you want your tombstone to say?

“Without love, or love’s holiest treasure,
I shall pass into Hades abhorred,
To the grave as my chamber of pleasure,
To death as my Lover and Lord”
(Oscar Wilde)

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Credits: Photography: Eddie Kavanagh

Luny: Finally, do you have anyone you’d like to say thank you to or any website urls you’d like to mention?

Persephone: First I’d like to thank you for invitation to do this interview 🙂 Big thanks to everyone who supported me, believed in me, to all my dear friends and followers. Thank you to ALL the amazing photographers, designers and MUA’s I’ve worked with.

Special thanks to Shelley Rodgers and Kieran Sherry – for taking me into the ACE and EQUAL family, Carina Cunningham – for inviting me to take part in the unforgettable Style Warriors show, Kat O’Strophic – for the opportunity to model for your unearthly beautiful designs, Eddie Kavanagh and Martynas Ceilytka – thanks to your amazing photography many doors of the modeling world has opened to me 🙂

And of course big thanks goes to my family, especially my mom, thank you for being my best friend, for your love, support and good genes 🙂

You can check out my modeling page here:
And my Instagram:

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