Self taught knowledge is in my opinion far superior to that which you can learn by going to school. Don’t get me wrong, school is great to learn stuff from, but what happens if you never practice and put to use anything you learn? Well, my next interviewee practices what she has taught herself doing everyday. She has been honing her skills for over 3 years and makes some incredible self injury type special effects.

Her name is Charlotte, but goes by the name Roligore on Instagram. She is a very busy person, but managed enough time to participate with this interview. Thanks Charlotte!


Luny: Can you please tell everyone your name and where you are from?

Roligore: My Instagram name is Roligore, however my name is Charlotte and I am from England.

Luny: What types of art do you practice and how long have you been doing so?

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Roligore: So, I do special effects art, where I typically focus mostly on recreating injury based work. I started around 3 years ago – however only in the last six months have I really got myself into it and grown as a self-taught artist.

Luny: What prompted you to focus mainly on real life injuries and how did you learn to create them?

Roligore: Honestly, I don’t know! I think it might relate to the fact I have always been fascinated with injuries often seen in horror movies! But also within my degree (which relates nothing towards special effects) I studied a module within physiology, so we often looked at the anatomy of the human body, so I guess that’s why?

Luny: Aside from doing special effects makeup, what are some other things you enjoy doing?

Roligore: A side from the makeup I do now and then, I take part in a lot of sport, especially football! Typically play up to 3 times a week if I am lucky! Other than that, I love watching horror movies and series like Game of thrones, American horror story and I have a major obsession with RuPaul’s drag race!


Luny: Do you watch and follow other special effects artists such as Kiana Jones, Elly Suggit, and Samantha Breault, to try and learn from them or help you create your own new effects?

Roligore: As bad as it sounds, I don’t really look at other people’s work to improve mine, I have only recently started to follow Kiana Jones on Instragram. But typically, I don’t follow a particular individual on Instagram to learn from them but because I admire their creativity, however over the months I have been given typical tips and advice from themakeuparmoury who are incredible! Other than that, I watch the odd video on youtube to help and guide me, however I can’t recall who the videos belonged too, sorry!!

Luny: What is the longest amount of time it has taken you to create an injury effect and what was it?

Roligore: Oh my.. I think the longest I have spent would have been around the 3 hour mark and I think it was my Nemesis inspired eye piece. Eye work always seems to take the longest to complete!


Luny: I am aware of several costly things artists can use to make effects, but what are some cheap supplies at home that work as great alternatives?

Roligore: I have no idea if I am honest! As I don’t typically use home products. However, when I first started I did often use eye shadow palettes to help create bruises. Oh and that using washing up liquid is great for getting blood to sit better on wax/silicone based work.

Luny: Have you worked professionally yet for a studio or done any collaborations with anyone famous?

Roligore: No I haven’t! I suck a bit with this, but maybe in the future? Who knows!

Luny: Since Christmas is approaching soon, what ideas do you have for a Christmas themed makeover?
Roligore: I do have a couple of ideas! However, that would be telling… but lets say the use of ball balls and possibly tinsel could be the basis of my future work.


Luny: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to say thanks to or any websites you’d like to mention?

Roligore: Yes, I would like to say thanks for themakeuparmoury. Whenever I have had an issue or need some advice on types of makeup they are always there to help me through Instagram! Another Instagram account who is awesome is Horror_sketches! A very supportive account who is always looking out for me and posts some amazing work. Lastly, I would like to thank Luny for wanting to interview me! I am super grateful for this opportunity.

If you want to check out her work, be sure to follow her on IG:

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