Samhain Aeternam

I love interviewing models who are just beginning and getting their feet wet. It’s always nice to hear about their ambitions, fears, goals, etc. Samhain Aeternam is our next interviewee who labels herself as a Fantasy Gothic Hippie (which is quite the interesting combo) and although she is new to modeling, she is doing pretty damn good with her photo shoots and costumes! Here is the interview:

Samhain Aeternam

Luny: Please tell everyone your modeling name and how you came up with it?

Samhain Aeternam: My name is Samhain Aeternam. For those who do not know, Samhain is the Pagan holiday celebrated on Halloween; both I participate in and love dearly. “Aeternam” is Latin for “Eternal”. Put them together and you have Eternal Halloween in a way and who doesn’t love that!

Luny: Can you explain to everyone who doesn’t know, what exactly is a “fantasy gothic hippie”?

Samhain Aeternam: The best way to explain what a “fantasy gothic hippie” is it’s simply a mix of the genres together. You’re not strictly in the definition of “gothic” or “fantasy” or a “hippie”. Each have their own elements that can blend well. For instance, I’ll wear a steel boned corset with pale face and darker makeup with elf ears and horns but have a tattered and layered “Boho” skirt and make them all mesh together.

Gothic Treasures

Samhain Aeternam
Luny: Have you done any collaborations yet and if so, with whom?

Samhain Aeternam: I’m still fairly new to dipping my toes into the modeling world so I have not had the chance yet to do any collaborations but look forward to any and all opportunities that come my way.

Luny: What sort of things do you enjoy doing when not modeling?

Samhain Aeternam: When I am not modeling I am creating masks, paintings and chainmaille jewelry which I sell through Etsy

Luny: Whats your pet peeves, lets here them!

Samhain Aeternam: People who stop at the top or bottom of the escalator. Tailgaters on the road. People who are supposedly being inconspicuous about talking about you but you clearly can make eye contact with them. Getting one eye lined perfectly and the other having to be redone fifty times. People who can’t dress to fit and define their figure.

Samhain Aeternam

Luny: What is the one question you seem to get asked the most?

Samhain Aeternam: “Why don’t you get contacts?”

Luny: Who are some of your favorite clothing manufacturers and why?

Samhain Aeternam: I don’t have many specific favorites because I tend to hunt them down in thrift stores. I look more for pieces that stand out rather than focus on brands. Though, most of my corsets have come from Corset Story. They size out very well, durable quality and great customer service.

Luny: What plans do you have for the future as far as your modeling goes?

Samhain Aeternam: I plan to just keep pushing myself and seeing where this art takes me.

Samhain Aeternam

Luny: Who are some of your biggest role models and why?

Samhain Aeternam: The list is so long! I look up to many who have come and gone, are still with us and who are in my family. Every person I meet I take a piece away from that and take it into my life and use it where it fits best.

Samhain Aeternam
Luny: Finally, would you like to say thanks to anyone or mention any websites? (you can list your own social networks or websites)

Samhain Aeternam: I would like to say thank you a million times over to my fiance. He is my biggest supporter and motivator (and my main photographer!) Without him I never would have found the drive to move forward and take this step.

Also follow my Instagram samhain.aeternam!

I’m still warming up so prepare yourself for all the magic coming your way!

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